Electric Autonomy Canada presents the winners of:

The electric fuelling station of the future: A design competition

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Electric Road Trips, Reimagined

Over 100 architects and designers from around the world – from Turkey to Kazakhstan and Poland to Portugal and China to Canada – responded to our ask for new EV charging station designs:

How can we reimagine the highway gas station of today as a new roadside oasis for electric vehicles?

How can we recharge not just our cars, but also ourselves at the same time? 

The award-winning EV charing stations designs below are an exciting beacon of our electric future and show how we can revolutionize our electric road trip experience for the better.


Honourable Mentions


Architects: SUPERSPACE | Istanbul, Turkey

Cycle Circle

Architects: Xiaohan Ding and Zhan Ran | Beijing, China


Architect: Maria Lepina | Moscow, Russia

Life-Charging Station

Architects: Credohus Architects | Guangzhou, China

White Cloud

Architect: Vladislav Rakitin | Saint Petersburg, Russia


Architects: ZERNO | Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Waypoint One

Architect: Sean Solowski | Toronto, Canada

Autonomy Home

Architect: Yutian Tang, cute Architects | New York City, USA


Architects: BWKNITTER | Berlin, Germany

Borne de Recharge

Architect: Sean Whaling, New World Architecture | Los Angeles, USA

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Develop Your Roadmap for EV Charging Station Design

This design competition was created by Electric Autonomy Research to catalogue the most promising new ideas for electric vehicle charging station designs. If you are developing your organization’s EV charging plan and would like a greater depth of insights and key trends from the 100-plus global design submissions for highway EV charging stations, please contact us.