The Electric Fuelling Station of the Future


Sean Whaling, New World Architecture | Los Angeles, USA

The woven wooden roof structure drapes over the station like a giant leaf as a nod to the Canadian landscape. Charging areas are designed for flexibility, allowing for both parking-style charging and pull-through stations for those towing trailers and campers.

The central guest area is open plan, featuring food kiosks, a convenience store, shops and a children’s indoor play area. Outside, there’s a dog park, bike rental and picnic tables for travellers to enjoy. A large central skylight brings in natural daylight to the upper lounge, giving the feel of an observation train car.

Borne de Recharge uses sustainable materials typical of Pacific Northwest architecture, including timber, natural stone and glass.

A bird’s eye view sketch of the overall plan

Detailed sketch of the facade.

Roof blades open in summer to increase ventilation.

A model showcases climate-resilient features like a sweeping roof for snow loads and a curved service area for wind resistance.

A view of the children’s play area at the back, with timber pole columns that reference West Coast totems.

Detailed site plan.

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