The Electric Fuelling Station of the Future


BWKNITTER | Berlin, Germany

Traffic arteries are a barrier for nature and wildlife – especially in a vast country like Canada. Imagine if fuelling stations were a network of connection points instead, bringing new meaning to the idea of a green roof.

The entire structure is designed as a bridge to reduce the number of facilities by serving travellers in both directions. Inside the restaurant, monitors stream footage from the rooftop wildlife cams, allowing visitors to watch the deer graze overhead.

An aerial view of the station as it bridges the highway.

The elevated platform bridges the highway below and features a central restaurant viewing area and behind it the elevated EV charging area for traffic arriving from both directions.

The vehicle charging area located on an elevated platform sitting above the highway.

The dining area blurs the boundary between highway and landscape.

The station’s green roof.

Technical drawing on the plan and elevation views of the Greenbridge EV charging station designed by B.W. Knitter
Technical drawing showing the plan and elevation views of the Greenbridge EV charging station

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