The Electric Fuelling Station of the Future


Fabric.a Architects | Istanbul, Turkey

The Circle is designed as a vibrant meeting point for electric vehicle owners. The wooden circular canopy defines a protected central courtyard and constructs the spaces around it. This creates an inner oasis off the highway, surrounded by the EV charging points. Two separate pavilions covered with mirrored surface panels and glass facades aim to blur the boundaries between indoors and out.

The overall experience is divided into five different zones: charging and parking, a food court with washrooms and service areas, an indoor space designed for play for kids and adults, a shopping pavilion with multiple stores and, at the heart of the complex, a richly landscaped outdoor public space for people to enjoy and interact.

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Chargers dot the outer ring, protected by the canopy that rises above. Visitors have direct access to the landscaped plaza as well as the pavilions.

An overhead view of The Circle, which creates a lively oasis at its centre.

“It feels like an elegant gesture, putting everything under one roof that's also tilted. It has the opportunity to be flexibly programmed and generate a sense of community.”
— Jury member and architect, Peter Vikar, Local Projects

Designed as a new landmark for sustainability, the angled green roof integrates solar panels as a clean energy source.

“You don't usually get a chance to think about mobility and how design and architecture can be a part of this transformation happening now all around the world.”
— Architect and Second Prize winner Selçuk Kişmir, Fabric.a Architects

The inner courtyard is a winter wonderland, tucked away from the highway.

The mirrored pavilions are protected from solar gain by the canopy, while maximizing natural light.

The courtyard can house outdoor dining, a playground or just a spot to relax under a tree.

The Circle illuminates at night.

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