The Electric Fuelling Station of the Future

THIRD PRIZE: Plug and Play

Pavel Babiienko | Berlin, Germany

Built on modular units, the layout of Plug and Play can be flexibly planned in almost any order and size to create closed or open spaces for specific functions, with visitors moving freely indoors and outdoors. Clever integration of signage and wayfinding allows visitors to see the state of their charge at a glance in the pull-up parking zones.

The concept provides not only the familiar services of a store and cafe, but can also allow for a longer break from the road to visit the playground or to read a book in the garden.

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Tall roadside signage harkens back to gas stations of the past, giving the charging hub a more familiar feel from the road, despite the structure’s radical departure from tradition.

The plan cleverly allows for outdoor zones to be punched into the overall site plan.

“It looks like fun: effortless, very fresh and warm and welcoming. There is really a superb indoor to outdoor experience. And you get the feeling that you could easily spend more than 20 minutes in this hub.”
— Cadillac car designer and jury member, Magalie Debellis

Overhead lighting relays the charging status of the vehicles at a glance, glowing red while refuelling.

“When you are thinking about the context of a station, sometimes there is almost nothing around. That allows you to really speculate about the environment you’re creating. Will you relax on the way? Will you do something active? Will you study or work? Will you spend time with other people?”
— Architect and Third Prize winner, Pavel Babiienko

Since fuelling zones do not need to be separate, visitors can pull right up to the station, creating safer transitions for children and pets on arrival.

Families can spend time with their children in the outdoor play area, chatting with other visitors.

Natural materials are favoured in the cafe for a sense of rest and relaxation.

A library or bookshop can help visitors pass the time.

A detailed view of the site plan.

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