The Electric Fuelling Station of the Future

FIRST PRIZE: More with Less

James Silvester | Edinburgh, Scotland

More with Less is beautifully designed like a circuit, punctuated with activities and relaxation courtyards that invite nature in. The timber-framed canopy extends over the charging zones to provide shelter from the elements.

Sustainable architecture practices are integrated throughout, from rooftop solar to help power the commercial spaces to a cantilevered design that minimizes heat gain during Canadian summers, yet allows the building to maximize the use of daylight. The building is not simply there to serve a process on the journey, but to provide a space to relax and enjoy.

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Rooftop solar helps power the commercial facilities.

The modular design allows the station to adapt flexibly to different sites: a rural location may have a cafe and washrooms, while a commuter hub could become a larger facility with everything from an arcade to shops.

“It's as if Steve Jobs had asked them to design something. As people, we are moved by beauty. It would represent such a radical change from gas stations as we know them.”
— jury member and architect, Bruce Kuwabara, KPMB

The roof overhang shelters vehicles and visitors in inclement weather.

Because the footprint of the station is designed around the dimensions of a parking space, it’s a compact solution that uses the minimal amount of materials.

“You could easily run away with a project like this and design something that’s more theoretical and out there, but I wanted to understand what this could be today. Not fireworks and glitz and glam but something that’s of its time.”
— Architect and First Prize winner James Silvester

Courtyards punctuate the pavilion, creating lounge areas for rest and relaxation.

For those wanting to work out while they wait, a gym can be added to the services offered in larger hubs.

Spaces are flexible and can easily be configured to house a games room for a welcome break on the road.

At night, LED lighting illuminates the roof and showcases the timber structure.

Digital signage directs arriving passengers to available charging bays for a more seamless experience that increases safety by minimizing circulation.

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